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Daria Latour was born in Moscow into a family of well-known artists coming from a background of several generations of painters. Her family members hold Merited Art Worker titles and have government awards.

At the age of 8, she became a painting student.

Before entering a university, Daria completed a three-year course in painting (under Prof. Sergei Godyna) and drawing (under Prof. Feodor Voloshko).

After completing high school, she entered the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and graduated with an Honors degree in Monumental Painting.

She worked for the Moscow Center for Monumental and Decorative Arts (KMDI).
Some of her works are as follows:
Stained-glass windows of the conference hall of the Central HPP of Angola;

The architectural and monumental complex by the access road to the City of Safonovo;

The design of the Moscow Metro Bibirevo Station of the Moscow Metro.

Creating paintings and graphic artworks, Daria Latour participates in exhibitions on a regular basis.
In addition, she works as a stage designer at the Feinstein Puppet Theater.

During the August 1991 coup attempted to restore the communist regime, Daria took an active part in the defense of the White House (Parliament) in Moscow. She was granted the White House Defender award.

From 1993: a stage designer for the Obraztsov State Academic Central Puppet Theater, Moscow.

She is also engaged as an artistic director in the plays staged by illusionist Rafael Tsitalashvili in the United States.

During 1998–2000, Daria Latour lived mostly in Boston, where she cooperated with art galleries based in Boston and New York City.

When Daria returned to Moscow, she worked for 3T, a design entity, as a residential and public interior designer. She participated in designing interiors for the Ulan Bator International Airport, Mongolia.

From 2001 to 2003, she received her second higher education at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, majoring in Modern Design.

From 2004, Daria Latour worked for Turtle-Design on a creative team, which rehabilitated Moscow Tire Works and Moscow Distillery (redesigning industrial premises into office centers and lofts) and designed the penthouse interiors of the Aliye Parusa residential estate built by Donstroy.

In 2006, she worked as an architect and a residential interior designer at KE, a Russian-Spanish company.

From 2007, Daria lives and works mostly in Spain.




Daria Latour is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Union of Russia’s Artists, the Designers International Association and the International Union of Graphic Artists. She participates in solo exhibitions. Her works are part of private art collections in Russia, the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece, and Spain.


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